JINHASS KM-355 is an acrylic impact modifier which is used for the processing of outdoor rigid PVC products, such as window profiles, clapboards, house siding, fence, pipes, fittings and injection moulding etc. It has better fusion promotion performance and can reduce the usage of processing aid or inner lubricant.

JINHASS KM-355 offers the following benefits

  1. • Excellent impact strength
  2. • Better weatherability
  3. • Efficient fusion promotion (increase extrusion capacity and reduce processing aid addition)
  4. • Lower shrinkage after extrusion

Typical properties:








White Powder


Volatile Level

Wt %



Particle Size

(0.425 mm mesh on)




Bulk Density




Charpy Impact Strength





Improve fusion behavior

JINHASS KM-355 could improve the PVC fusion behavior. It will make PVC fusion more uniform, further improve the surface gloss and product quality. Fig.1 shows the fusion curve of KM-355 is similar with that of foreign competitor, which means K-355 can replace foreign competitor totally. Meanwhile, KM-355 could accelerate the PVC fusion better than other similar products, so it can reduce the processing aid usage, as shown in Fig.2.

Impact efficiency

JINHASS KM-355 as an acrylic impact modifier is good compatible with PVC so that it can be dispersed uniformly in PVC matrix. Fig.3 clearly shows JINHASS KM-355 imparts excellent impact improvement at different testing temperature. The efficiency of JINHASS KM-355 is higher than that of competitor.

    Fusion formulation: PVC (SG-5) 100phr/Lead salt stabilizer 4.5phr/CaCO3 10phr/TiO2 4hr/AIM 5.0phr

Testing condition: Brabender plasticorder, 170℃, 60g sample, 45rpm

                           Impact strength test: PVC (SG-5) 100phr/Lead salt stabilizer 4.5phr/CaCO3 10phr/TiO2 4hr/AIM 7.0phr

Testing method: GB/T1043.1-2008; Testing condition: Impact Machine (XJJ-5, ChengDe Jinjian Testing Instrument, Co. Ltd), batten thickness: 4mm, V shape gap and 0.2R size.

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