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    Weihai Jinhass Chemical Company was renamed from Weihai Jinhong Rohm&Haas Chemical Company, which was a joint venture by Rohm&Haas Chemical Company (USA) and Weihai Jinhong Polymer Company (China).
    Weihai Jinhong Polymer Company began to produce and sell acrylic (ACR) products used for PVC additives in 1999, from when Jinhong Polymer achieved good reputation in the market. In Mar 2007, Jinhong Polymer and Rohm&Haas set up a joint venture that named ¡°Weihai Jinhong Rohm&Haas (Jinhaas) Chemical Company¡±. The company was controlled and managed by Rohm&Haas, which made the company become the  safe and environment-friendly manufacturing plant of China ACR PVC additives industry. After 3 years¡¯ efforts, Jinhaas owned advanced manufacturing technology and excellent product quality and received deep recognition from our accounts. From Sep 15th 2010, Weihai Jinhong Rohm&Haas Chemical Company was renamed to Weihai Jinhass Chemical Company due to the stockholders¡¯ change.
    Jinhass company will remain advanced management system, creative technology and customer oriented culture, which are derived from former joint venture, to provide stable and excellent product and service for PVC building and construct materials, such as window profile, siding, fence, pipe, fitting, foaming sheet, etc. The main grades of acrylic processing aids and anti-impact modifier include K-121, K-123, K-385, K-418, AS869 and KM-310, etc. The plant capacity is 7000 MT and will increase to 15000 MT in recent two years. Meanwhile, Jinhass will focus on R&D to develop creative products with good quality to satisfy the market demand.
    Environment, health and safety receive much concern in Jinhass before. In the future, Jinhass will insist these values and afford the responsibility to build a friendly and healthy natural environment for human being.
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